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Continued development for improved clutch and transmission solutions
The Tieliu Group (Westlake China) is committed to a program of continued product development with the emphasis on technological innovation. Our experienced engineers are capable of developing totally new products within a relatively short period of time. Currently the latest developments include a Torque Converter for automatic transmission systems, the Dual Mass Flywheel, and clutch system for new energy cars etc.

Benefits of Westlake R&D for automatic transmission systems

  • R&D department with 130 engineers
  • Ability to develop clutch system components and other transmission parts
  • Annual development of at least 100 clutch kits
  • Recent new developments involve hybrid car clutch products & automatic transmission parts
  • Co-R&D projects with famous Chinese motor groups and engine manufacturers
  • State-level laboratory & testing center
  • In-house tool factory
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